The Time Has Come!

Attention all Disobedient Spirits: We are extremely excited to announce that we will be open for business on December 13th! Come on out to our public kick off event next Saturday from 11am-4pm to check out beautifully renovated distillery and pick up a bottle of our premium blue corn vodka.

Starting on Monday, December 15th, we will have regular store hours where folks can come in and purchase our distilled spirits and merchandise. Be sure to bring friends, family, and ID. 

Store Hours:

Monday - Wednesday: 12-9 pm        Thursday - Saturday: 12 - 11 pm

Tours Every Saturday at 1 and 2 pm. Sign up below!

Disobedient Spirits is an artisan distillery in the hills of Western Pennsylvania. In the spirit of our founding fathers and the local Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, we distill and redistill our libations in a small 50 gallon copper column still until we are sure it is perfect.

Our heroes are people who speak out against injustice and oppression even when such actions are unpopular.  We celebrate freedom, we honor justice, and a invite you to join our cause with a good stiff drink. 

Just a Reminder:

Stop by and see us! Come on in and take a look at our operation, learn a little bit about our history and what we stand for, and get a taste of what we'll be releasing this fall. Sign up right here on our site or shoot us an email at tours@disobedientspirits.com. Tours are limited and will fill up quick, so reserve your spot today!

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1:00pm or 2:00pm time slot

It Has Begun...

The fun starts here. After months of preparation and hard work, the fruits of our labor are finally hitting the still. We have been tirelessly running batches of our premium liquor, lowering the proof to legal standards and preparing it for flavor infusions and storage. Stay tuned for more updates by following @DisobedientLLC on Twitter and checking our Facebook page. And as always, disobey.