Letter to the Editor - Bring on the Spirits in Homer City

April 26, 2013 – Letter to the Editor

Bring on the Spirits in Homer City

There has been a lot of buzz in the local media recently in reference to the pending opening of Disobedient Spirits in Homer City, I am writing in full support of bringing the microdistillery to town.

As many readers may or may not be aware, on March 21 the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to end the state’s monopoly on liquor sales, which would in turn make businesses such as Disobedient Spirits more competitive in the local market. Instead of funneling funding to out-of-state liquor producers, we should be keeping it in our community, employing local workers and producing a local product worth being proud of.

I am tired of hearing the argument that children will be terrified, recovering individuals will lack skills, and that the community will be in shambles. I am a mother of two well-rounded children, and yes I do enjoy a fine glass of spirits from time to time.

We live in a town that already houses at least five other businesses in which alcohol can be obtained, and my children certainly don’t fear riding their bikes around the block. Not one time have we had any sort of alcohol-related issue while navigating our town.

Why wasn’t anyone concerned about the impact that these already existing businesses would have? By law, they are allowed to serve much larger portions of alcohol than the microdistillery. Our Place is just steps from the Homer City Methodist Church building. Why was this not an issue in years past?

I am in full support of the wonderful programs that the church offers to children and recovering addicts, but are we missing the big picture? The road to recovery requires empowerment and self-discipline, as does raising children. We need to be teaching individuals how to function in public no matter what the situation and teaching them to fight temptations instead of removing every potential threat that may exist.

My point being: Respect alcohol, use it within the boundaries set forth by law, teach your children and other family members to respect it, operate your businesses in accordance with the LCB, and there is no valid reason outside of the jurisdiction of law that this business should not be a valuable asset to Homer City Borough.

Kristin Stitt

Homer City

Brent GuyComment