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April 7, 2013 – Letter to the Editor

Distillery issues that shouldn't surface

As I have read in the most recent article pertaining to the Homer City Borough council meeting about the distillery that is proposing to have a high quality business in the borough, I think no issue should arise from this.

This is purely a business and for Pastor Joseph Stains to say “this business will be a temptation” isn’t really thinking about the bar that is two doors up from the church itself.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see this business being a “temptation” of any sort.

For those community members who say they are worried about their children walking in front of the business to and from school, don’t they think about the fact that their children probably walk in front of bars in the community to and from school?

For those worried about underage children getting of-age people to purchase them alcohol, maybe they should keep a closer eye on their children and the activities that they are getting into.

This has always been an issue with children trying to get of-age people to get alcohol in any community, but I find it quite amusing that people are now just thinking about this issue. Shouldn’t they have been thinking about this with other business establishments that serve alcohol?

Calling this a “temptation” is very small-minded. Are people going to go to every single business establishment that serves alcohol and debate against them for being a “temptation”? Are people all going to go against any restaurant that serves alcohol, Sanso’s where you can go in a purchase a six-pack of beer to go, or even Mistretta’s where you can purchase an entire case of alcoholic beverages?

It’s sad to see a community full of so many “small-minded” members that are only looking at the negatives about something that can and hopefully will be a positive benefit to our community.

Elizabeth Nipps

Homer City

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